Flightsservices.com or any of its workers or specialist is not in charge of any risk or harm because of the carelessness or mistake of a carrier, dealer or the traveler, nor flightsservices.com or its representatives can be considered in charge of any adjustments in the cancellation of flights or aircraft timetable.

The Prices shown on the site are comprehensive of duties with no concealed expense and these are a portion of the best air passages, which are liable to accessibility. It doesn't affirm the availability of seats. Kindly do tell us once you chose the cost of your goal to claim the availability of seats and flights.

This disclaimer clearly states that the agency or any representative or agent shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to the traveler, by carelessness or mistake of the carrier or travelers or agent, whatsoever the reason may be.

The agency can neither be held responsible for any amendments or cancellations in the aircraft timetable or the flight schedules, made by the airlines. Any breach of contract or financial transactional faults does not account as the agency's responsibility.

The carriers and other suppliers that provide travel or other services on this Website work as independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Flights Services or any of its Affiliates. Flights Services and all of its Affiliates have no liability and so will not make any refund in the event of delay, overbooking, cancellation, strike or any other cause beyond their direct control, and they also have no accountability for any additional expense, omission, delay, re-routing or acts being carried out by any government organization or authority.

Flightsservices.com is an independent travel agency, which acts as an agent in supplying the travel-related services to the clients and customers, visiting or using the website of the travel agency.

Kindly note that all the payments made to the flightsservices.com or the partner organization are non-refundable. The prices stated on the website are completely comprehensive of duties and are liable to change at any time without prior notice to the client or the customer.

Also, this does not confirm the availability of seats. Inform the agency about the chosen package and deals to check-in and confirm the availability of flights and seats, respectively. Ratings that have been displayed on this Website are intended to be plain general guidelines, and Flights Services and any of its Affiliates do not provide the guarantee of the accuracy of these ratings. Flights Services and its Affiliates along with their respective suppliers would make no such guarantee about the availability of certain products as well as services. Flights Services and its Affiliates along with their respective suppliers may make modifications and/or corrections on the Website at any point in time.

The liability limitation reflects the allotment of risk between the parties. The limitations as specified in this section will survive and would come into effect even if any limited remedy specified in these Terms and Conditions is found to have failed of its vital purpose. The limitations of liability as provided in these Terms & Conditions inure to the benefit of Flights Services and its Affiliates along with their respective suppliers.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

This Cancellation & Refund Policy for Flights Services clearly states that the agency shall not be held responsible for any caused damage, injury or loss, to the customer, by any agent or representative or specialists, under any circumstances.

Flightsservices.com is a strict policy follower and recommends its customers to get a travel insurance before they plan or book their trip, with us or any agency for the matter. Kindly note that the agency shall not be held responsible for any refunds or payments for any illness, emergency cancellation, interruptions, accidents, or whatever the reason may be.

Also, the customer is liable to pay the additional charges as the cancellation fee to the agency for making the cancellations, apart from what the airlines and tour companies deduct from the booked packages. The payment should be done at the time of the cancellation only.


It is to be noted that the customer is liable to make full payment while making a booking for flights, and a partial payment can be made, in case of booking a tour package. For such, a promise date and time shall be stated by the customer to the travel agency, to make the remaining payment, before the commencement of the booked services.

The agency shall not be held responsible, in case you fail to make the remaining partial payment, for canceling and withdrawing the bookings.

"No Show"

"No Show" is when the customer and the traveling partners fail to arrive at the booked destination on the said timings, and before the commencement of the services, without informing the agency or specialists or the representatives.

In case of a "No Show", flightsservices.com shall not be held responsible for making any cancellations or refunds of the booked products and services. Also, the cancellation & refund policy of the airlines or the tour company will take precedence in such cases.

Limitations & Liability

The agency shall not be held liable or responsible for any changes or amendments in the prices of the flights or the tour packages. The agency can change the prices stated on the website at any time without any prior notice to the customer.

The customer is liable for making payment for the price difference only. There will be no cancellation or any refunds made if the customer fails to join in before the commencement of the services.

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