“5 Parameters 3 Seconds” Passengers VS Crews

Have you ever wondered why crews are forced to greet passengers at the Door? The reason is quite clear. They are to judge you on “5” parameters in just 3 seconds. These 3 seconds are enough for crews to generate

Ways to get Cheap Airline Ticket with Best Deals


Before we book any air Ticket our main aim to get Best Deals in our hand. We keep on searching cheap airline tickets.  In fact we mainly plan our trips when we get some offers. Flight Services put an effort to get rid

Travelling Tips For The Senior Citizen!!


Whenever old people plan the travel around the world, they need special attention and travelling tips from the travel consultant in order to avoid any problem during the travelling. Senior citizen needs to rely on the one of the family

Unique Things You Can Do Only in Los Angeles


When People visit new places, they love to know how is the city special. but in LA, we don't brag.  LA is such a place where you can entertain things, you can't  in other places of the world. So start booking  your trip to

Turkish Airline Flights and airfare

Airline is the best and comfortable medium to travel from one place to another. Turkish airline gives the best and incredible services during the trip. If you want to travel comfort and fully relaxed, then you can book for the