Delta Airlines Flights

Traveling for Pleasure or business or both, flying with one of the legacy carriers is always an experience far above anything else. The sixth-oldest operating airline by founding date, Delta Airlines provides some of the best services in the entire country. Be it, comfort, hospitality or any other parameter you can think of, Delta Airlines Flights is as good as it gets. What started as a crop-dusting operation in 1924, Delta Airlines became the largest carrier in terms of passengers carried in 2013. That is Delta for you. After moving from six different locations, Delta now acquires a hub in theHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The nearby Mississippi Delta region is the inspiration for the name of the airline.

Joint Venture With Air France-KLM

Delta Airlines started a joint venture withAir France-KLM to streamline their transatlantic operations. The joint venture looks after operations like ticket pricing, scheduling, capacity and revenue. Air France-KLM also looks after all of Delta operations in Europe, with a management team of their own.


Delta Airlines operates a fleet of more than 800 Aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. It has the largest fleet of many major aircraft like the Boeing 717, Boeing 757, Airbus A330, etc. in the entire world. The deal with Northwest Airlines back in 2008 increased the aircraft count of Delta Airlines substantially.

Delta Airlines Booking

Delta has a very sophisticated ticketing and scheduling system. With the booking of tickets outsourced to a number of services around the world, Delta Airlines does the bulk of sorting and shifting once the tickets have been booked. finds some of the best possible deals for you while booking with Delta Airlines to bring you tickets with cheap prices and a slew of offers which make your traveling experience even more worthwhile. After all, all the money saved can be utilized to pamper yourself while you are traveling. It’s time to smile friends!
With an amazing carrier and prices which feel like the best steal of your life, it’s time to start packing those bags and start traveling with Delta Airlines.

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