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British Airways, or more commonly known as BA, is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom. Being one of the founding members of Oneworld Alliance, British Airways has a history rooting back to 1910. The airlines also operate one of the only two supersonic commercial aircraft in the history of aviation along with Air-France. With a fleet size of 295 air-crafts and flying to a total of 183 destinations, British Airways is one the largest aviation companies in the world.

It is a full-service global airline that offers low-cost British Airlines Reservations with an extensive global route network. The operating major hubs of the airline are located at London’s Heathrow International Airport and Gatwick International Airport.

Flights Destinations

The airline provides services in 6 domestic and around 170 international destinations. British Airways is one of the few airlines to travel to all 6 permanently inhabited continents. They also have a codeshare agreement with almost 25 other international carriers. This allows them to make the transition easy while traveling internationally.

British Airways Services

British Airways provide some of the finest airline services and facilities in the entire world. There are varying services for the long haul, mid haul, and short haul flights. By doing this, British Airways aims at maximizing the comfort with which the passengers travel.
People traveling in higher classes receive royal treatment, akin to how one would treat the royal family. With great services at affordable prices, British Airways is the first choice for most of the 250m yearly passengers in the United Kingdom.

In-Flight services

British Airways Flights are not called luxurious for anything. There are numerous facilities for the convenience of the travelers. There is always something special for the passengers like in-flight entertainment and the vast options to choose from.

From cartoons to movies, music to popular shows, the passengers can pick from a long list of whatever is available onboard. Not just it, there is special SkyFlyer Kid’s program to keep your little ones entertained on all flights flying for longer than 2 hours of distance. Also, special tinned baby food is made available on request and pre-booking for a convenient journey with your infants.

British Airways Baggage Allowance

Before you start packing your suitcase for your trip, you must make sure of the basic baggage allowance on the airlines. This will not only save you money but will also help you from the trouble of unpacking at the airport to distribute the weight on carry-on baggage.


British Airways have outsourced most of its flight booking operations to third party retailers. While still booking tickets on its own website, most of the bookings take place from the major ticket vending partners in the world. provides you with the opportunity to book low-cost British Airways tickets while securing the best services for its customers. After all, everyone loves to save money.
With great prices and amazing offers, there can be no better time for you travel freaks to pack those bags and head towards your destination. Make an affordable British Airways Reservations and reach that dream destination of yours.
For any further information regarding the baggage and flight status inquiries, you can check here. You can also check-in online at the official website of British Airways, to avoid hours of waiting and standing in the line.

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